What is vjsdeal.com?

A. – vjsdeal.com is an affiliate website. The products which are listed on this website are affiliated with the other websites. When you buy some products using the affiliate/buying links of this website we will get a small fee for our hard work.

What are affiliate websites?

A. – Affiliate websites are allowed to promote and sell products among the public using unique affiliate links and in return pay some fee for it.

What are the differences between the main website and an affiliate website?

A. – Affiliate websites are linked with the main website. The main website gets the benefit of free promotion from its affiliate website.

What will be the advantage for users to buy goods from your vjsdeal.com affiliate website?

This affiliate website explains the pros(good) and the cons(bad) of the products in point-to-point and very simple language which are based on the experiences of real users. You save your precious time by reading and understanding reviews. Brief but you need to know about the product, those things are told. Take a look at any product.

How to buy any products from vjsdeal.com?

A. – A buying link for products is available just below the short description and end of the conclusion of the product. This link is an affiliate link, clicking on this, will redirect you to the same product page of the main website that you want to buy.

How to know that vjsdeal.com is a safe and secure website?

A. – A lock sign just before the URL of vjsdeal.com is the certificate of a safe and secure website.

Can I access vjsdeal.com without signup?

A. – Yes, it is not mandatory to signup before accessing this website.

Do I have to make an account before ordering any product?

A. – No, it is not necessary.

Does vjsdeal.com store any personal information of users who visits the website?

A. – No, we do not store any personal data of users except for some conditions like comments, reviews, or contact forms. Please read our privacy policy and terms and condition for more details.

Do I have to make any payment on vjsdeal.com while buying any product?

A. – No, we never ask to make any payment on this website. Once you click on any affiliate link to buy your desired product you will be redirected to the merchant’s website. The affiliate provider’s website or merchant’s website will be responsible for all payments (such as online payment, cash on delivery, return, refund, and exchange), shipping, and delivery facilities.

Who will collect my payment?

A. – We do not collect any payment. Any payment method you will choose while ordering any products, merchants/main website will be responsible for that payment method (such as Online Payment, UPI, Credit Card, Debit Card, or Cash on Delivery).

How will I return and get a refund for any product if it does not meet my expectation?

A. – Since it is an affiliate marketing website and is affiliated with other websites. Since this website does not have any product of its own. Returns, refunds, exchanges, or customer support, all related facilities will be available from the same main website from where you bought your product. Please carefully read the details of particular products before ordering.

Q. – Does this website supports multilanguage to understand the content easily?

A. – Yes, you can translate the content of this website into your own language. You can see a box in the top left corner and the top menu bar. There you can select your language and the content of this website will be translated immediately.

If you have any questions other than above these, please contact us.