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10 Things you should know before buying a Dishwasher

Before investing huge amount on Dishwasher machine you should know some important points, which will give deeply knowledge about it.

1. Who needs a Dishwasher?

  • Homes where maid is easily not available for washing dishes
  • Both husband and wife are working professional in the house
  • Are bachelors studying, doing job far away from home
  • Have elderly parents at home and you stay away from your home

2. Capacity or Place Setting

Dishwashers come in different sizes which are defined in units of place settings. Know that which capacity or place setting machine is suitable for your family.

Number of people vs Place settings size
The static table presented here is may be change as per the need of utensil for your recipe.

Number of peoplePlace settings size
1-2 persons6-9 Place settings
2-4 persons9-12 Place settings
4+ persons12+ Place settings
Number of the People v/s Place Setting Size

What is meaning of Place Setting – The dishwasher companies generally defines a place setting as one each of a dinner plate, dessert plate, glass, soup bowl, tea cup including saucer, and one set of cutlery (spoon, fork). So a dishwasher of 12 place setting has an max capacity of 12 set of these many utensils if arranged as per recommendations from the manufacturer. The above mentioned each utensils are not useful for everyday and each time when we eat. Many indian bigger utensil not comes in the standard sizes like pan, kadhai, cooker so dishwasher tray provides some options to adjust the stacking rack or tines so that you can fit your dishes to clean. As pots, pans and cooking vessels are available in various sizes the dishwasher manufacturers define capacity in terms of place settings.

3. Installing the Dishwasher

Sizes are different for each Dishwasher. It’s usually come without a stand (Buy the Adjustable Wheelbase Dishwasher Stand and also useable for other large appliances), which you can keep according to your convenience and easy access. You just need a water inlet and a waste water outlet (drain). Give some space about to 5 cm on left and right side and about to 10 to 15 cm on rear side for pipe routing. You can also use the cover to avoid dust and other things. (Buy Covers for Dishwasher Machine)

Installing by the service provider/ technician- Depending on the skill of the technician installation service experience may be different for the different customers. You should careful while installing by the technician. He should be knowledgeable and ask for the complete demo. Check the edge of the machine door to ensure that there is no leakage. Some brand provides a rubber strip to avoid leakage by fixing it to the edge of the door.

4. The water inlet/outlet pipe

Inlet Pipe- Most of the machine’s water inlet pipe comes with the small filter inside to avoid the inappropriate materials to enter the machine. Sometimes it’s choke and an error would show on the display panel. So you should check this point if there is less flow of water or error countered. Pipe sizes are depends on your tap connections size and length are depends on the distance between your tap connection and dishwasher.
Outlet Pipe or Waste water outlet- This is a drain pipe which coming out from the base of the machine. This can be routed and put inside a drain hole under kitchen sink. You should also keep clean the outlet area or base of machine to maintenance purpose.

5. Voltage/ Power Fluctuation issue

Dishwasher works on different mode which takes different time for washing the utensil. If there is power or voltage fluctuation problem in your area while machine is working then some of machines stops working even some machine start from beginning and takes entire time again means it works double.

6. Uses of Suitable Stabilizer

Based on the above point, it is one of the important accessories to keep safe our large appliances or machine from being damages or internal short circuit if there is power/ voltage fluctuation in your area. So you should use stabilizer. Recommended 5 KVA stabilizer. (Buy Voltage stabilizer for Dishwasher as well as for other large appliances)

7. Detergent powder/ tablets/ salts/ Rinse aid

The above aid has important role for better cleaning results and not easy to get from your nearer regular grocery shops. You need to buy it online or from supermarket or malls. Most of the machine’s indicates/ marker that how much these aid you should use. (Buy Dishwasher’s aid)

8. Energy/ Power consumption

Most of the machines comes with the energy efficient technology. Dishwasher usually takes 15-20 units of electricity per month (as per data analysis provided by the users) if uses one time in a day. Different modes of the machine consumes different power. So this reading may changes as per frequency of uses and modes. Refer the guiding book.

9. Rinse lightly with water before wash

Its good to slightly rinse off the dishes before it put into the washer for long lasting of machine or avoid blocking the outlet area.

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10. What not to wash in dishwasher?

Aluminum vessels- Use dishes which are dishwashers safe. Aluminum vessels are not recommended to be put in dishwasher as the chemicals like detergent and rinse aid may chemically react with Aluminum. Some high end aluminum products are specifically designed as dishwasher-safe, those may be safe to use.
Teflon coated vessels- Teflon coated non stick items are also not recommended to be cleaned in dishwasher.
Plastics- Plastic are in general dishwasher safe but should be heavy enough so that they don’t move around inside due to water pressure spray and check if they can withstand water temperature up to 70 degree C. If a plastic has a very low melting point then the high temperatures of a dishwasher can cause it to melt.
Knife- Also most knife manufacturers don’t recommend knifes to be put in dishwashers as the edge may get blunt after coming in contact with some chemicals for longer duration at high temperature.
Wooden item- Contact of wood and water for a long time is not good for the wood. Wooden items like belan and wooden chopping boards may also absorb chemicals and may get swelled and broken up is they contain glue etc.

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I hope that this informative article will help you to take further decision before buying a Dishwasher. Please do share it with others.

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